Dental Backup is the Premier, Fully-Managed Backup Solution for Dental Practices.

Our hybrid cloud solution backs up all of your practice’s active and resting data, and boasts some pretty incredible features that we’re sure will make you one happy client.

Below you’ll find all of the features that Dental Backup can provide to you. After all, you’ve got a practice to run, so backups and information security are the last things you should be worrying about.

We Offer Priceless Peace of Mind.

Imagine that disaster strikes…Is your backup safe? If the unthinkable happens, will your practice be able to reliably and effectively restore its data? If the answer is no, or even if you just aren’t sure, the Dental-Backup.com team can help.

With our 488-bit encryption, dual backups, and managed service, Dental Backup provides peace of mind that your business can count on. 

Dental Backup-features

488-bit Encryption

Mitigate your liability with our 488-bit encryption to safeguard your data in transit and while resting at backup locations. With Dental-Backup.com, you can be confident that you’re in compliance with the latest regulations.

Dual Backups

We backup all of your data in two places—first, to a local backup media and then to a large, offsite cloud-based server. So if something happens to your office space, your data can be retrieved reliably and quickly with minimal interruptions.

Managed Service

We are a managed service, which means we manage your client experience. We review and email your backup logs daily and employ top-tier customer service executives to address any challenges you might be experiencing.

We Save You Time When It Counts.

How much time are you or your staff spending on reconciling backup logs? Changing backup discs? How much time is your IT team spending creating and testing a viable disaster recovery solution and hoping for the best? Say goodbye to all of this and use your team’s time more effectively with Dental-Backup.com.

We save you time with streamlined backups, daily logs, and a disaster recovery plan you can count on. We also keep up with all of the regulations and requirements so you can focus on what you do best, running your practice and providing excellent care to your patients.

Dental Backup-Features

Streamlined Backup

Our fully-managed onsite and offsite backup solution backs up your data in real time OR every night. It’s your choice!

Daily Logs

We check your backup logs daily and will email them to you for your convenience!

Disaster Recovery

Our offsite component means that you have a reliable and effective disaster recovery plan to get you up and running again FAST in the case of disaster!

Regulation Adherence

We keep up with the ever-increasing security regulations and HIPAA requirements so you don’t have to.

Patient Confidence

When you’re HIPAA compliant, your patients can rest easy that their data is safe and they are protected.

No IT Headaches

Our services mean your employees don’t have to solve all of your IT problems. We’re here to help.

We Save You Money.

It happens all the time…An IT solution sounds great…And it did what you thought you needed it to do. Plus, it was priced reasonably, and then…WHAM. You were told that you have to buy expensive equipment to “get up and running” or you were hit with unexpected overages or massive labor charges.

We’ve got good news for you! You’ll find NONE of that here. With Dental-Backup.com, you’re in good hands with our:

dental backup saves money

Transparent Pricing

Unlike those other guys, we don’t charge you by data used. With our transparent pricing, you’ll never get hit with unexpected charges.

No Data Caps

You heard that right. When you use Dental-Backup.com, you don’t have any data limits. So you’ll never be hit with expensive data overages again.

24/7 Support

We won’t leave you hanging. Our committed customer service team is here for you 24/7, 365 days a year with their expertise.

Get All of These Features and Secure Your Client Data Today.

Starting at Just
Per Month
$ 300

Are You Ready for Dental Backup?

We would love to be your dental backup solution. Now that you’ve heard all about all of our features, we’d love to become your backup provider and mitigate your liability by keeping  your practice safe and secure. If you’re interested in our dental backup services, contact us today let us take care of you.

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